Angela Delfini Explains It All for You
A 3/4 Woman Show

created by 

Angela Delfini
John Towsen 

Angela plays both a self-help guru, Dr. Angela Delfini, and her nervous but brave subject Estrella, taking the audience through a comic seven-step recovery program full of unique challenges and you-can't-go-home again transformations. 

Estrella’s life is stuck at version 1.0, but she’s clueless as to an upgrade —until she meets the maniacally confident self-help guru, Dr. Delfini. Before she knows it, she’s off on a roller-coaster, 7-step journey whose challenges make Homer’s The Odyssey look like a walk in the park. 

Will Estrella continue to wallow in self-doubt and depression? Or will Dr. Delfini help her dance and laugh her way to version 2.0 and beyond? Probably, but not without your help!

Genre:  Comedy; Physical Theatre

Running Time:  50–60 minutes

Language:  Can be performed in English, Italian, French or Spanish!


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