I Clown
Angela Delfini
Comedy that could be from the body, not the brain ...
And the brain, not part of the body?
The confusion of the Clown, theater and street: Stupid professional certificate.
Through movement techniques and guided improvisations, we find out how much there is still to laugh about and to love.
We will study:
Exploration of one's own clown
• Group creation

Open to ALL!

Physical Comedy
John Towsen 
A crash course in physical comedy vocabulary and its application for clowns, mimes, dancers, circus artists, and actors. You will be introduced to a wide variety of skills centered around your own physicality, playing with partners, and confronting the physical world of objects. You will have the opportunity to integrate these techniques with character, gag structure and story and to experiment with a variety of performance styles. You will work as individuals, partners, and in small break-out groups for drills, combinations, and original sequences for in-class presentation and feedback. Rare archival video footage will be screened, and resources for further exploration of physical comedy will be provided. Spotting techniques and safe working methods are emphasized, and participants are strongly encouraged to work within their limitations. Some performance experience and a reasonably sound body highly recommended, but all ages, body types, and levels of experience welcome.



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